Good governance, accountability and social equity

Good governance, accountability and social equity

Reinforcing the accountability and capacity of institutions and public administrations to provide high quality public services.

Specific objectives:

  • To support fiscal and public finance management reforms and their implementation as a basis for the state to provide high quality public services for social equity.
  • To improve the capacity of public administrations to provide public services in a transparent and accountable manner, including in border and peripheral regions.
  • To strengthen the legitimacy, transparency and accountability of democratic institutions.

Lines of action:

  • Support for regional reform efforts, peer learning in the field of fiscal equity and management of public finances, in particular revenue collection (i.e. identifying key drivers of reform to achieve efficient, equitable and transparent tax systems).
  • Support to long term strategic planning, definition of public policies for the reduction of social inequalities and quality of social expenditure in public administration (measuring social impacts of public policies, decentralisation, equality in public expenditures, etc.).
  • Support the functioning of accountable and democratic institutions so as to reinforce their legitimacy and fight against corruption. This could include policy support, peer learning, regional benchmarking and exchange of best practices, as well as statistical support for evidence-based decision making

Programmes under this theme: