Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Reducing poverty of most vulnerable populations by fostering environmentally sustainable development and improving the capacity to cope with climate change and disasters.

Specific objectives:

  • Foster exchange and cooperation on environmental and climate change-related challenges in order to promote sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems and integrate sustainable development policies at national and local level.
  • Strengthen regional networks to create knowledge and to share experience, through inter alia, peer learning and exchanges of best practices.
  • Reinforce the capacity of LA countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change in particular by seeking

Lines of action:

  • Support exchanges of information and expertise so as to promote mutual learning and the development of networks of expertise to enable a better understanding of phenomena related to climate change and environment and a stronger response with regards to the socio-economic and environmental challenges of development.
  • Activities to promote sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems and support the integration of climate change and environmental protection into sustainable development policies, with particular regard to the sustainability of cities, the use of renewable energy, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the sustainable management of natural resources, fisheries and marine environment.
  • Actions to reinforcing the capacity of LA to mitigate and to adapt to climate change, including by reducing vulnerability to climate stress, scaling-up of climate-smart practices to diminish Green House Gas emissions, strengthening production of environmental statistics and accounts, improving governance of natural resources, improving disaster risk management and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems, in particular water, forests and agriculture, and sustainable development of highly-populated areas.
  • Initiatives in this field will be directed to increase social cohesion taking into account territorial inequalities and disparities.

Programmes under this theme: