ACP - multi-country cooperation - Culture

ACP - multi-country cooperation - Culture

Safeguarding cultural identities while furthering the economic viability of the cultural sector is an important aspect of the EU’s development cooperation with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. A viable cultural sector contributes towards sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

The overall objectives of support to the cultural sector are to:

  • Contribute to the emergence of viable cultural and creative industries, including the audiovisual sector

  • Improve access to local, inter-regional, European and international markets for ACP cultural goods and services.

To harness the huge potential in this field – and as a response to the increasing number of requests from ACP countries for support for their cultural industries – the EU has supported a number of studies to assess the situation of cultural industries in ACP countries, with a focus on the respective regulatory frameworks.

Based on lessons learnt and recommendations drawn up following consultations with ACP artists and entrepreneurs across cultural sectors, the EU has launched various initiatives for ACP countries. These provide targeted funding, in particular for vocational training, job creation, market access and integration of cultural and creative industries into the formal economy.

Programmes and projects

  • The ACP-EU support programme to ACP cultural sectors (ACPCULTURES+)
    ACPCultures+ was jointly launched by the ACP group of nations and the EU. It assists all aspects of ACP film and cultural industries: creation, production, distribution, dissemination and promotion. In particular, it provides technical and entrepreneurial training for professionals involved in ACP countries’ cultural and creative sectors. ACPCULTURES + builds on its predecessors: ACPFILMS and ACPCULTURE.