The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa


The EU Trust Fund for Africa was signed by the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker, along with 25 EU Member States, as well as Norway and Switzerland, and was launched at the Valletta Summit on Migration on November 12th 2015 by European and African partners.


What is a Trust Fund?

A Trust Fund is a development tool that pools together resources from different donors in order to enable a quick, flexible, and collective EU response to the different dimensions of an emergency situation.

Why do we need a Trust Fund?

Due to ongoing unprecedented levels of irregular migration, the EU Trust Fund has been created to support the most fragile and affected African countries. The Trust Fund aims to help foster stability in the regions to respond to the challenges of irregular migration and displacement and to contribute to better migration management. More specifically, it will help address the root causes of destabilisation, displacement and irregular migration, by promoting economic and equal opportunities, security and development.

WHICH COUNTRIES are covered by the Trust Fund?

The Trust Fund will assist a band of countries across Africa that are among the most fragile and affected by migration and draw the greatest benefit from this form of EU financial assistance. The countries and regions are:

African neighbouring countries of the eligible countries may benefit, on a case by case basis, from Trust Fund projects with a regional dimension in order to address regional migration flows and related cross- border challenges.



The Trust Fund pools together money from different European Commission financial instruments, resources from the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

Since the inception of the EUTF for Africa, the total amount of resources made available to the three regional windows has increased to more than EUR 3.2 billion including EU funding as well as donors' contributions:


M EUR,  24 October 2017 2017, more details on pledges



These resources are allocated by window, as follows:



* Breakdown by window is an estimate as some donors have not yet confirmed the geographic allocation of their contribution



As of 24 October 2017, 117 programmes across the three regions have been approved by the Operational Committee of the EU Trust Fund for Africa for a total amount of around EUR 1931.5 million divided as follows: Sahel/Lake Chad: EUR 1,001.8 million, Horn of Africa: EUR 665 million, and North of Africa: EUR 264.7 million. Of the total amount approved, EUR 1282.8 million has been contracted to implementing partners.

Window Approved (MEUR) Contracted (MEUR) Paid (MEUR)
Sahel & Lake Chad 1001.8 757.3 250.8
Horn of Africa 665.0 403.5 136.4
North of Africa 264.7 122.0 57.4
Total 1931.5* 1282.8 444.6

Numbers in table above are in EUR million

* Rounded figure