Support to Reform of the Myanmar Police Force

Support to Reform of the Myanmar Police Force

The main focus of this project is to bring the MPF closer to the people, and to help it base its work more on prevention, the full respect for human rights, and best international practices in policing. The EU wants to initiate the development of a community based police service that is trustworthy and truly at the service of the People of Myanmar.

To do so, this  project focuses on developing Community Policing in four pilot areas in Yangon and in improving respect for human rights and best international practice in Crowd Management.

To make police reform more sustainable, the project pays particular attention to also provide support to reform of the police doctrine and the legal framework. Both these elements govern the actions of the police and they as well have to be in line with best international practice and international human rights standards to really transform the Myanmar police into a modern police service.

At the heart of every democratic system is the parliamentary and public control of the state's institutions, including the police. This is why the project explicitly provides capacity building directly to the Myanmar Parliament as well as to representatives of Myanmar civil society and the media, to enable them to hold the police accountable and encourage them on their path towards a modern police service.

Security system management and reform
Stability - Rapid Reaction Mechanism (FPI)
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  • Total cost (€)

    9 500 000.00

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    9 500 000.00


    September 2013 - September 2015

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    Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP)