Strengthening transport and logistics Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) in Central Asia

Strengthening transport and logistics Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) in Central Asia

The Project will be implemented in cooperation with:

  • Association of stevedore Companies of Latvia (LSA);
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU);
  • Business Logistics Development Association (ADBL);
  • Turkmen Association of International Road Carriers (THADA).

The first main objective of the project is to provide support to local Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) and SMEs in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to organise supply chain logistics, storage and distribution of goods. This support includes job creation and training for personnel working in the transport field and warehouse logistics. The aim is to improve competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets which will lead to growth and expansion of SMEs exports in Central Asia.

The second main objective of the project is to strengthen regional economic integration of the Central Asian countries and the expansion of trade relations with the EU and other partners.

Main activities will include among others:

  • Landscape analysis of the transport and logistics sector to identify key constraints, challenges and opportunities for the sector to grow and operate efficiently.
  • Training activities for Central Asian BIOs - upgrading managerial skills and capacity building,
  • Master classes for managers and employees, internships, practical demonstrations; capacity building seminars and workshops for staff on issues required for accessing the European marketplace.
  • Mutual visits and staff exchanges between Central Asian and European BIOs.
  • Exchange of best practices, production techniques, technological know-how, creation of information links for exchange of business opportunities between European and Central Asian BIOs.
  • Creating pilot demonstration storage terminals selected on a competitive basis among participating SMEs, which will then introduce advanced European know-how.

Estimated results of the project:

  • Increased innovative managerial expertise and upgraded business supporting competences of targeted BIOs to better serve the local transport and logistics sector.
  • Acquired fundamental managerial skills for running a successful business and gained practical experience from EU best entrepreneurial practices by SMEs.
  • Increased export expertise of the BIOs and trade potential of SMEs.
  • Built institutional partnerships between EU BIOs and assisted BIOs from Central Asia for the promotion of sustainable transport and logistics practices.


  • Total cost (€)

    882 352.00

    EU contracted amount - €

    750 000.00


    December 2016 - December 2019

    Implementing organisation

    Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive development - Bulgaria (CEED)

    Funding instrument

    Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)