Strengthening Capacity of Fishing Communities in the Tonle Sap to Manage their Natural Resources Sustainably

Strengthening Capacity of Fishing Communities in the Tonle Sap to Manage their Natural Resources Sustainably

Project Description / Objectives: Taking advantage of the abolition of all commercial fishing lots in 2012 and growing interest globally in the use of Fisheries Conservation Zones (FCZ), the project goal is to strengthen the capacity of Community Fisheries (CFi) in the Tonle Sap by integrating CFi-managed FCZs into fisheries management plans and commune budgets.

Target groups: 231 CFis and 100 commune councils around the Tonle Sap; decentralised offices of the Ministry of Environment (MOE), of the Fisheries Administration (FiA) and of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM).

Estimated Results:

  • Capacity of CFi to negotiate, demarcate, and manage FCZs is strengthened.
  • Capacity of CFi to network with other communities managing FCZs is enhanced.
  • Value of FCZs demonstrated and management costs included in commune budgets.
  • Support to effective project implementation, outreach and networking is delivered.

Main Activities

Result 1:

  • situation analysis in the target CFis in terms of livelihoods and fisheries status, potential risks, and specific remedial or mitigation measures;
  • identify and demarcate FCZs in the target CFis and negotiate rules and regulations;
  • build capacity of CFis to manage and monitor FCZs.

Result 2:

  • provide a recourse mechanism, document and respond to community feedback and concerns about FCZs;
  • mobilize existing networks among the target CFis and with the other CFis to share project results and lessons learned.

Result 3:

  • Document and demonstrate the livelihood benefits of FCZs, particularly for the most vulnerable households, to commune councils and central government;
  • lobby commune councils and central government to include funding for FCZ management in commune development fund (CDF) budgets.

Result 4:

  • Provide technical and administrative support to Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) in support of project implementation;
  • ensure accurate and timely reporting and dissemination of project information via the web.
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  • Total cost (€)

    799 761.55

    EU contracted amount

    599 821.16


    December 2012 - December 2016

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