SPHaïtiLab - Creation of a National Laboratories Policy

SPHaïtiLab - Creation of a National Laboratories Policy

Laboratories appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century in Haiti. But, like the country's health system, this sector has had its ups and downs. Availability and access to quality laboratory services are still major challenges for the country.

In 2015, the Ministry of Health set up "SPHaïtiLab", which was co-written with Fondation Mérieux, and the support of the European Union. "Endowing the country with a National Laboratories Policy" is one of SPHaïtiLab's main objectives. This essential tool presents the vision of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, which wishes to have an efficient laboratory system in order to provide universal access to quality health services for all.

The National Laboratories Policy presents the main areas of development of the laboratory sector, namely the management of laboratories and the legal and regulatory systems, the development and application of standards, the management of Human Resources, the financing of the field of laboratories , promoting research in biology, information management in the laboratory, quality management, the supply system, equipment management, as well as biosecurity and waste management.

SPHaïtiLAB is part of Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme. The purpose of the programme is to enhance expertise, knowledge and resources of selected schools of public health or public health research –or training- institutes in low-income countries to provide national health authorities and stakeholders with evidence-based and locally adapted policy advice, training and other support to feed decision and policy making and to monitor implementation at national or sub national level.

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