Poverty Reduction in Oudomxay Province Lao PDR

Poverty Reduction in Oudomxay Province Lao PDR

The overall objective is to speed up poverty reduction in the uplands of Oudomxay through a combined effort carried by beneficiaries and supported by local authorities & NSA’s

Specific objectives:

  • improve food security, income and health in the poorest villages of Nga, Namor and La districts;
  • increase local capacity among villagers, local authorities and non state actors to support participatory development with respect for the environment, indigenous rights and gender equality;
Benefitting zone


  • Total cost (€)

    1 630 000.31

    EU contracted amount - €

    1 000 000.00


    June 2013 - December 2017

    Implementing organisation

    Comite de Cooperation avec le Laos Association (CCL)

    Funding instrument

    DCI - Non State Actors and Local Authorities in development