Pacific - EU Waste Management Programme (PACWASTE PLUS)

Pacific - EU Waste Management Programme (PACWASTE PLUS)

Poorly managed waste and pollution has a the detrimental effect on sustainable development in the 15 Pacific ACP (PACP) countries. It is taking its toll on the health of Pacific communities, degrading natural ecosystems, threatening food security, impeding resilience to climate change and adversely impacting on social and economic development.

The Pacific-EU Waste Management Programme, PacWaste Plus, will improve economic, social, health and environmental benefits for PACP states by transitioning their practices from poor to good waste and pollution management. PacWaste Plus will deliver sound decision-making based on national policies and regulatory frameworks and accurate information, enhanced private sector engagement, improved human capacity and education and awareness and drive this transformation.

PacWaste Plus will address the cost effective and sustainable management of waste and pollution, as well as the broader impacts, such as human health and wellbeing, climate change, disaster management, biodiversity conservation and resource recovery. Priority waste streams to be targeted are: hazardous wastes (specifically asbestos, E-waste and healthcare waste), solid wastes (specifically recyclables, organic waste, disaster waste and bulky waste) and related aspects of waste water.

Benefitting zone
Pacific ACP countries


  • Total cost (€)

    17 000 000.00

    EU contracted amount - €

    17 000 000.00


    July 2018 - August 2023

    Implementing organisation

    Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

    Funding instrument

    European Development Fund (EDF)