MIGRA-SAFE: Safe Labour Migration for Vulnerable Cambodian Migrant Workers to Thailand

MIGRA-SAFE: Safe Labour Migration for Vulnerable Cambodian Migrant Workers to Thailand

Project objectives: To promote safe labour migration in order to protect the rights of Cambodian migrants (including women and children) and reduce their vulnerability to labour exploitation and human trafficking..

The specific objectives are:

  • To develop community networks that can share and disseminate information about safe migration and the risks of irregular migration and monitor the role of brokers/middlemen in the recruitment process;
  • to encourage community action to prevent irregular migration;
  • and to mainstream the prevention of irregular migration into commune and village planning increasing coordination with provincial/national system for safe and regular migration.

Target group(s): 60 000 potential Cambodian migrants and migrant workers Final beneficiaries9 Families and communities of Cambodian migrant workers, local authorities in target areas; Ministry of Women’s Affairs, CWCC and CSOs networks.


Estimated Results:

  • Targeted IEC materials on safe migration produced and disseminated;
  • village stakeholders and local authorities trained on how to conduct safe migration awareness campaign;
  • increased level of awareness on safe migration practices and risks of irregular migration among potential migrants and their communities in Banteay Meanchey, Battambang and Siem Reap;
  • strengthened community networks to protect, ensure and monitor the human rights of migrants;
  • empowerment of migrants and their families (particularly women) to harness benefits of remittances for enhanced social and economic impact;
  • research report on impact of migration and remittances on female-headed households to inform future policies and projects.

Main Activities

  • Establish Project Steering Committee;
  • Conduct rapid baseline assessment;
  • Establish village multi-stakeholder groups and CSOs networks to monitor brokers’ role in recruitment and identify information needs;
  • Produce IEC materials for safe migration awareness campaign;
  • Deliver Training of Trainers for village stakeholders on how to conduct an awareness campaign on safe migration;
  • Local authorities and stakeholders implement the village-based safe migration awareness campaign;
  • Conduct « using the arts to raise awareness on safe migration tour » with performances and audience workshops in target villages;
  • Undertake post-campaign test and analysis and produce evaluation report;
  • Form self-help groups among actual and potential migrants in border provinces;
  • Conduct research on impacts of migration and remittances to female-headed households;
  • Capacity building on remittances management for migrants and their families, particularly female-headed households.
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  • Total cost (€)

    714 300.00

    EU contracted amount - €

    571 000.00


    September 2013 - August 2016

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    Funding instrument

    DCI - Migration and Asylum