Environment Sector Programme Support to the government of Mozambique

Environment Sector Programme Support to the government of Mozambique

Mozambique is the only country in Africa considered to be at high risk from both floods, ciclones and drought.

The objective of the programme was to support the Government of Mozambique to mainstream climate change into policies and strategies and to adapt to climate change impact.

The programme was based on an effective alliance among EU Global Climate Change Alliance inititative and EU Member States (DK & IE).

Budget: €47 million (GCCA: €15.2m incl. €5m FSF from Ireland, DANIDA: €31.5m, Govt of Mozambique: €0.3m)


Project Results

  • National Climate Change Strategy.
  • National System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Plans: Local Adaptation Plans is a key tool to integrate climate change adaptation into district planning with technical support from the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development 14 districts have approved LAP and 20 are under way.
  • Implementation of local (Climate Change Adaptation and DRR) plans in the 34 most vulnerable areas out of the 128 rural districts, covering 20% of the population.
  • The National Road Agency is revising the road standards and has made it obligatory to climate-proof all investment projects.

  • Improved grain storages and introduction of cassava are simple and low cost actions to improve resilience and food security.

  • Creating local disaster risk management committees can significantly reduce vulnerability. Mozambique has about 1000 committees. 1/3 are equipped. ESPS II equipped 48 committees in 2014.

  • Local women have been trained in processing the kernels from the fruit to extract the oil. Wild fruits like the Amarula can be used to produce highly priced essential oil for the cosmetic industry.

Environmental policy and administrative management
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Financing Agreement


  • Total cost (€)

    14 825 000.00

    EU contracted amount

    14 825 000.00


    June 2011 - December 2016

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    Funding instrument

    DCI - Environment and sustainable management of natural resources including energy