Community Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement (CFMLI) Project

Community Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement (CFMLI) Project

Overall objective: To contribute to sustainable natural resource management and poverty alleviation in Cambodia through right-based empowerment.

Specific objective: Empowered communities exerting their land rights, managing their natural resources sustainably and obtaining improved livelihoods.

Primary target group: 9 750 Community Forestry (CF) household with approximately 27 900 members established and/or strengthened under the action.

Secondary target group: Approximately 75 000 community members, who benefit from conserved forest in the future, local authorities.

Expected Results:

  • New CFs are established and recognized by relevant institutions
  • CF Management Committees (CFMCs) and CF members have the capacity and are supported to prepare CF Management Plans (CFMPs) and to  implement CFMPs/business plans
  • CF members are empowered to engage in discussions and advocacy on Natural Resource Management
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) established and have the capacity to operate revolving funds and to provide micro credits to members
  • SHG members have the capacity to implement sustainable micro enterprises
  • Famer Producer Groups (FPGs) established and have the capacity to organize common marketing for their members.

Activities of the project:

  • Build capacity and support communities to establish new CFs
  • Support CFMC and CF members to demarcate CF boundary and mapping and to prepare relevant documents for approval
  • Provide capacity building to CFMC and CF members on organization, management and process of CFMP development
  • Facilitate CFMCs to develop forestry inventories by blocks and prepare CF inventory reports
  • Facilitate CFMCs to select forest resource management alternatives including business options and prepare CFMPs
  • Provide capacity building and support about annual work plan preparation to CFMCs, and technical training on implementation of the work plans to CF members.
  • Establish forest-based micro enterprises and provide trainings on business planning, management and marketing
  • Provide awareness and capacity building in land and forestry protection rights and advocacy
  • Supports the CFMCs to do monthly patrols of the CF sites to identify illegal activities and report these cases to authorities
  • Support CFMCs to participate in CC meetings and CF networks
  • Facilitate communities to establish SHGs
  • Provide training to SHG Committees on management and revolving funds
  • Provide small sub-granting to SHG
  • Conduct surveys about livelihood of SHG members
  • Provide training to SHG members on micro-enterprise development and management
  • Provide training to SHG members on appropriate agricultural techniques and other required technical skills
  • Organize study tours
  • Facilitate agricultural micro-enterprises to establish FPGs and provide training on marketing
  • Support FPGs to conduct Value Chain Analysis (VCA), develop marketing plans and to implement them.
Forestry development
Development - Non state actors and local authorities Co-financing (PVD)
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  • Total cost (€)

    1 175 959.00

    EU contracted amount

    1 000 000.00


    January 2013 - December 2017

    Implementing organisation