European Report on Development 2009 "Overcoming fragility in Africa"

European Report on Development 2009 "Overcoming fragility in Africa"

The European Report on Development 2009: "Overcoming fragility in Africa"

Many sub-Saharan African countries are in situations which can be described as 'fragile'. The root causes of this fragility are manifold and include conflict, poor governance, weak institutions, lack of social cohesion, ethnic fragmentation, etc.

The ERD 2009 focuses on the complex and multidimensional issue of fragility and approaches to tackling it, with a specific focus on the African continent.

This section contains the full English, French and German text of the 2009 edition of the European Report on Development (ERD) which focused on state fragility in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as its executive summary in 24 languages and the citizens' brochure in several languages.

It also has information on all the preparatory events, the preparatory process and all the background and research papers produced especially for the ERD.

Further information on the report is available on the ERD/EUI website.

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