Apply online (e-Calls PROSPECT)

Apply online (e-Calls PROSPECT)

What is e-Calls PROSPECT?

e-Calls PROSPECT is the online system developed by EuropeAid to simplify the submission of applications for calls for proposals under Direct management. Since November 2017 e-Calls PROSPECT is also available for Indirect management (publication only) and Twinning procedure (publication only).

Main advantages

  • Makes the submission of applications an efficient, paperless process: submit all the required information and supporting documents online!

  • Sends you automatic notifications via e-mail. You can now follow up the status of your application in real time, receive your letter online the moment the results are out, get informed instantly about Q&As and corrigenda published!



How to submit an application via e-Calls PROSPECT?

e-Calls PROSPECT has proved so far to be an intuitive system and has scored high in user satisfaction. Nonetheless, all relevant information on how to submit your application via e-Calls PROSPECT  is available on EuropeAid Information Systems Knowledge Base where you can find the manual, e-learnings and other supporting material in EN, FR, ES and PT.

All the necessary documents (e.g. Application form, Guidelines etc.) you might need for your application are available to download at the EuropeAid publication website.

Start your application

Before you start your application in e-Calls PROSPECT you would need to register your organisation in PADOR. Here you will provide us with information about your organisation and you will get a unique identifying number (EuropeAid ID). You will need to give this number when filling in your application in e-Calls PROSPECT. In case you have already registered, please ensure that all the information is up to date before submitting an application!

Technical Support

For any technical questions, you can always contact DEVCO APPLICATION SUPPORT via the "Online support" link (main left menu option in the 'Useful inks' section of the application).

Please note that e-Calls PROSPECT may be temporarily unavailable for one hour on Mondays starting at 2pm (14.00) Brussels time for the weekly maintenance of the system.


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