The EU is making a substantial contribution to support the Malian authorities to secure peace and stability, governance and sustainable development in the country. The National Indicative Programme for Mali outlines the main focal sectors of the EU cooperation with the country during the period 2014-20 under the 11th European Development Fund. In 2013, 327 million have been committed and 124.6 million have been paid under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) programmes. The Commission has thus respected the pledge made at the donor conference for Mali in Brussels, to deliver these funds in 2013.

In March 2012, in the wake of a ‘coup d’état’ and conflict in the north of the country involving Islamist rebels, the EU took ‘precautionary measures’ and suspended its direct support programs to the government of Mali while continuing operations with civil society organisations. Since last February 2013, the EU has resumed its development cooperation programme following the adoption by the government of a ‘roadmap for transition’. The EU’s pledge to Mali consisting of additional packages has been released during the international donor meeting held in Brussels on 15 May 2013 and co-chaired by Mali, the EU and France.

The 15 May international donors' conference was a success in mobilising African support for the challenges in Mali, and a considerable pledges for the development of Mali – a total of 3.25 billion of which 523 million was pledged by the the EU.

The development programmes that the EU is financing in Mali are designed to address complex challenges: immediate humanitarian needs, restoration of basic services, stabilisation of the country, restoration of public administration and rule of law, and contribute to resume conditions for long-term development. The entire package of projects is in line with the Recovery Plan of Mali for 2013-2014. The 10th EDF envelope of Mali has thus increased from 533 to 728 million.

Support to Mali has been delivered in many different sectors with 208 million in 2013. A first tranche of a state building contract (90 million of 225 million) has already been paid to support governance and stability in the country and 17 million in favour of the electoral process. 468 million have been committed and several projects have been launched in the areas of access to clean water and sanitation (30 million), irrigation and food security (27.7 million).  In addition support has been scheduled to facilitate the transition from humanitarian aid to development in the areas of health, water, education, school feeding and safety nets (23 million).

A support to justice reform (12 million), a conflict prevention and reconciliation project ( 5 million), the completion of the main road between Niono and Timbuktu (32 million) and a technical cooperation facility (4 million) have also been approved and will be launched in 2014.

In addition, the Commission has also committed 50 million to support the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA), 22 million in favour of the reconciliation process, 54 million to respond to emergency and relief needs, 3 million to fund the EU Electoral Observation Mission as well as 600,000 to promote human rights.


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