Sustainable local development in Colombia

Sustainable local development in Colombia

The post-conflict period in Colombia imposes a challenge: consolidating peace in areas of the country where the war has finally ended. While these areas are often rich in natural resources, the local populations have struggled to meet their basic needs. It is in this context that the European Union has decided to fund a sustainable local development programme to support the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Natural National Parks to support local inhabitants, including afro-Colombians and indigenous peoples.

The goal of this initiative is to contribute to peacebuilding through green growth in marginalized areas that have been affected by violence, by promoting local sustainable development and livelihoods of populations living in socially and environmentally sensitive areas.

It is estimated that the 205 Colombian municipalities where protected areas have been secured have the highest poverty rates. In order to fight poverty in an environmentally sustainable way the program seeks to rehabilitate areas affected by changes in soil cover, providing ecosystem services and helping communities to generate income through ecotourism services, sustainable production, collection systems and enhanced processing of handicraft products.

The main objectives include:

  • Combating the social and economic disadvantages of the marginalized regions affected by the Colombian conflict

  • Promoting sustainable local development and the livelihoods of populations living in socially and environmentally sensitive areas, through the responsible use of biodiversity and ecosystems goods and services.

  • Providing sustainable alternative production models to the people living in the area.

  • Improving the income of vulnerable communities through green business and the sustainable use of biodiversity.

  • Reducing pressures and threats that affect the conservation of protected areas from extractive and harmful uses of the land.

  • Working together with local authorities, ethnic groups and organizations representing peasant and fisher communities.

  • Formulation of public policy with local communities to resolve territorial conflicts in areas of the Natural National Parks Systems of Colombia (SPNN).



  • Total cost (€)

    20 800 000.00

    EU contracted amount - €

    20 800 000.00


    January 2018 - January 2018

    Implementing organisation

    Budget support

    Funding instrument

    Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)