Know Your City

Know Your City

Sixty per cent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030. Despite major advances in information technology, accurate data on these fast-growing cities is scarce. This is especially true for low income areas, where the shortage of useful information often reflects and reinforces the social and economic marginalisation of the poor. Without the relevant information, it is very difficult for a city to make informed policy choices for the whole city, and all citizens. This session will explore innovative ways of collecting and using data for city transformation – providing opportunities to improve local governance and the way in which national development can be monitored and reviewed.


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Paolo Ciccarelli

Head of Unit, DEVCO C5- Cities, Local Authorities, Digitalisation, Infrastructuresµ




Danny Lämmerhirt

Researcher & Research Coordinator, Open Knowledge International


Kalpana Viswanath

Co-Founder and CEO, SafetiPin


Inga Taatsu Boye

Slum Dwellers International, Namibia Chapter


Rodrigo Ricardo Soliz

Secretary of Public Infrastructure, Municipality of La Paz / “Barrio Digital” Project


Julian Baskin

Head of Programmes, Cities Alliance