How to apply for a grant?

How to apply for a grant?

1. Search for a call for proposals

To identify funding opportunities please follow the link below, which allows you to search for calls for proposals by Programme, Geographical Zone and Deadline.

Please read the Guidelines for grant applicants carefully, including the objectives and priorities of the specific call, and verify whether your organisation is eligible to apply to this call.

Search for a call


2. Register your organisation in PADOR

Registration of applicants in PADOR is in principle mandatory for calls for proposals under direct management (unless otherwise specified in the Guidelines for grant applicants of the call).

Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration (PADOR) is an on-line database in which potential applicants register information about their organisation, which EuropeAid uses to evaluate their operational and financial capacity, as well as their eligibility to participate in calls for proposals. Organisations are therefore invited to update regularly their information.

PADOR eases the application process for organisations, as they are not obliged to submit the same information (e.g statuses, financial reports, etc) each time they participate to a call. They simply need to indicate their unique identification number, i.e the EuropeAid ID (PADOR number) in their application forms.

PADOR also offers the possibility to search for partners through the "search for local partners" tool.


It is strongly recommended to register in PADOR before you start drafting your proposal and not to wait until just before the deadline of submission.

More information on PADOR



3. Submit your application

To submit your application you would need to follow the instructions in Section 2.2 of the Guidelines for grant applicants and send your application within the defined deadline. The Guidelines will specify whether you need to submit your application by post or online (via PROSPECT).


In the context of improving the service provided to applicants, EuropeAid has developed a new IT tool (PROSPECT) which allows applicants to:

  • submit online a paper-less application in four simple steps
  • follow-up the progress of the evaluation
  • receive automatically the evaluation results online.

Please note that you can log in to PROSPECT with the same login and password you use to log in to PADOR (ECAS login and password) and that you can save your application and log out several times before submitting.





  • The Practical Guide explains contracting procedures for EU external aid contracts financed by the EU general budget (Budget) and the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

    Consult PRAG

  • E-learning course on the Practical Guide. Do you want to know more about EU external action procedures? See our self-learning distance course on contractual procedures.

    e-Learning PRAG

  • e-Calls PROSPECT is the electronic system developed by EuropeAid to facilitate the submission of applications for call for proposals.

    e-Calls PROSPECT

  • Potential Applicant Data Online Registration database contains information on organisations applying for European Commission grants in the field of external assistance.

    e-Calls PADOR

  • Delegated Cooperation, Cooperation with partner countries and with international organisations, Co-financing and Management Modes.

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