Well-being beyond GDP Growth?

Well-being beyond GDP Growth?

Is economic/GDP growth an appropriate EU policy goal in the face of environmental, societal and economic crises – OR have economic and material growth ceased to contribute to societal well-being, rather creating environmental and health concerns for present and future generations?
Since the decoupling of GDP/economic growth from CO2 emissions is only possible in relative terms or by offshoring production, is it time we concentrated on new ways of measuring success in society in the EU?



The conference is available via webstreaming through Periscope. Please find below the link to watch the conference:



The conference can be found with name: Postgrowth_EC


Live streaming




Etienne Coyette

Team Leader,

DG DEVCO C6 – Sustainable Energy, Climate Change


Video presentation:


Federico Demaria

The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


Panel discussion:


Fulvia Raffaelli

Head of Unit, DG GROW C1 – Clean Technologies and Products


Philippe Lamberts

MEP, European Parliament, Co-chair: Group of the Greens


Tom Bauler

Chair of the Department of Environment and Economics, ULB




Patrizia Heidegger

Director for Global Policies and Sustainability, European Environmental Bureau