Supporting survivors of sexual violence in South Sudan

Supporting survivors of sexual violence in South Sudan

Since 2013, South Sudanese women and children lives have been deeply affected by the conflict that broke out in the country. More than 4 million people have been displaced, more than half of the population is today in need of humanitarian assistance and early recovery. As the country faces multiple forms of violence, girls and women are particularly vulnerable and exposed, including to Sexual and Gender Based Violence. This event focuses on the need to end stigma against survivors of sexual abuse and the children born out of rape by tackling cultural norms and changing attitudes, with the support of faith and community leaders. The event will also address the global effort necessary to scale up such interventions and invest in the protection, promotion and participation of women and girls in the most fragile contexts of the world. The EU is a global gender champion and stays at the forefront at a political, policy and programming level.

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Beatriz Alvarez Ferrero

Quality Management Officer on Gender Equality

DEVCO B1- Gender Equality, Human Rights and Democratic Governance


Matteo Oppizzi

Desk officer Sudan & South Sudan

DEVCO D2- Eastern Africa, Horn of Africa


Helen Binns

Program Manager EU DEL South Sudan





Sarah Pickwick

World Vision UK, Senior Conflict Adviser