Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages in Africa to achieve food security

Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages in Africa to achieve food security

Recognizing the role of small towns and enhancing rural-urban linkages will be critical for making food systems more effective and inclusive. This requires territorial, location-specific approaches in order to break the urban bias in public policies and reconcile the sectoral aspects of the food system with its spatial, social and cultural dimensions.

The event will look at multiple and complex interconnections between rural and urban spaces, and how these affect poverty and food insecurity in Africa. Firstly, the session will explore the urban-rural dynamic in Africa and implication for food systems, presenting some cases of agro-food sector development in small-medium sized towns. Finally, it will discuss concrete approaches that build, transform or strengthen urban-rural linkages to achieve food security for all.

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Leonard Mizzi

Head of Unit, DEVCO C1 - Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition




Francesco Rampa

Head of Programme Sustainable Food Systems Economic and Agricultural Transformation Programme at ECDPM


Olivier De Schutter

Co-Chair, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food)


Guido Santini

Technical Coordinator of the “Food for the Cities” Programme at FAO




Giulia Maci

Programme Lead ETTG




Daniele Fattibene

Research Fellow at IAI