SOCIEUX+ is increasing social protection and employment worldwide

SOCIEUX+ is increasing social protection and employment worldwide


SOCIEUX+ supports governments in partner countries to improve their employment policies and to better design and manage their social protection systems. There are actions coming to fruition in Cambodia, Mexico, Cameroon and Peru, among others.

Socieux+SOCIEUX+, EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment, is a technical assistance facility set up by the European Commission to support partner countries and institutions better design and manage inclusive, effective, and sustainable employment policies and social protection systems. SOCIEUX+ offers expert assistance to 138 countries, fostering peer-to-peer exchanges between EU Member States and partner countries for the design and creation of fair social and employment systems. SOCIEUX has implemented 64 actions and 131 activities across 34 countries, from January 2014 to June 2018.

Social protection financial regulations in Cambodia

Cambodia adopted the National Social Protection Policy Framework (NSPPF) last year, aiming to expand and reform the social protection system by 2025. It covers both social assistance and social security. The main focus will be on health insurance and pensions for formal sector workers, as well as occupational health and safety reforms.

SOCIEUX+ is currently supporting the newly established National Social Protection Council (NSPC), a body responsible for developing social protection policies. SOCIEUX+ will help the NSPC General Secretariat better deliver on their mandate and to carry out their functions for the financial supervision of the social security system. The authorities are seeking assistance to showcase relevant international and EU case studies and outline options for the design and functioning of a financial regulatory authority. This will then be followed by the development of concrete policy options for the introduction of financial regulations. Read more about the action here.

Protection of children in Mexico

The National System for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents (SIPINNA) is the highest political decision-making body in Mexico mandated with the protection and promotion of children and adolescent rights.

SOCIEUX+ has engaged with SIPINNA in order to strengthen its institutional capacities across the core areas of its work: institutional coordination, planning and monitoring of protection policies, and promotion of the rights of girls, boys and adolescents. Read more about the action here.

Formalising the informal sector in Cameroon

The informal sector accounts for a significant part of Cameroon’s economy and according to the National Employment Institute, it accounts for 50 % of the country’s GDP and employs over 90 % of the labour force.

SOCIEUX+ has begun to support the government to better plan policies and programmes to improve the protection and conditions of informal workers. A workshop was recently conducted in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement IRD/DIAL. Read more about the action here.

Fostering the production and use of labour market indicators in Peru

SOCIEUX+ is supporting public institutions in Peru to develop more efficient and inclusive employment policies. For example a workshop was held in Lima on ‘Collecting Labour Market Information through Administrative Record Analysis in Small Geographic Areas’. The workshop aimed at fostering the production and use of labour market indicators (LMI) that factor in the specific conditions of Peruvian labour market. The EU’s experience in the field of Labour Market Information and the European Strategy for 2020 were also presented. Read more here.

Share your expertise

SocieuxIf you are you an expert in social protection, labour or employment, you can apply to be part of our roster of experts. Also, find out about all on-going opportunities and apply directly here.

SOCIEUX+ welcomes experts and their institutions to join their efforts to strengthen institutional capacities and policies in social protection, employment and labour. Experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ have the opportunity to acquire valuable experience and personal development by working on all steps of our technical assistance actions. EU Member States public administrations and mandated bodies can also become collaborative institutional partners of SOCIEUX+.

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