SOCIEUX+ continues to share know-how on social protection and employment

SOCIEUX+ continues to share know-how on social protection and employment



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SOCIEUX+ supports governments in partner countries to improve their employment policies and to better design and manage their social protection systems.

SOCIEUX+, EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment, is a technical assistance facility set up by the European Commission to support partner countries and institutions better design and manage inclusive, effective, and sustainable employment policies and social protection systems.

The newly expanded facility has been recently re-launched at an event in Brussels, which brought together all key stakeholders, including Expertise France, Belgian International Cooperation on Social Protection (BELINCOSOC), the Belgian Development Agency (BTC), the International and Ibero American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) and the European Commission, to assess the results of the forerunner SOCIEUX and to set the course for the successful implementation of the expanded facility.

"Exchange of knowledge and expertise contributes more to sustainability in social protection systems," remarked the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation, Alexander De Croo, at the launch in Brussels.


Tailored peer-to-peer support


SOCIEUX+ provides access to short-term, high-quality, peer-topeer expertise and ensures partner countries receive technical assistance tailored to their needs. In so doing, the facility is building on the successes of its predecessor – SOCIEUX – which provided over 1,700 days of expertise in 37 actions in 23 different countries worldwide over a 3-year period. SOCIEUX+ actions take the form of single or several short-term activities that are generally implemented onsite.

Many impressive results have been achieved through these actions, including supporting social security reforms in Mexico, setting-up the health insurance system in Azerbaijan and improving social services, in particular for mothers and children, in Ivory Coast. In addition to the peer-to-peer technical assistance provided by experts drawn primarily from European public administrations and mandated bodies, SOCIEUX+ combines triangular cooperation, relying on international expert teams that bring together practitioners, for knowledge development activities aimed at capitalising on the results of actions carried out by the facility.


Apply for support


SOCIEUX+ partners with public authorities and mandated bodies at national, regional and local levels, working in the fields of social protection, labour and employment. The facility encourages requests for technical assistance from public authorities, mandated bodies and social partners in partner countries. International organisations can also support partner institutions in requesting technical assistance from SOCIEUX+ and collaborate in the implementation of actions.


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