The role of migration- development nexus in Africa-EU partnership

The role of migration- development nexus in Africa-EU partnership

Frontiers in Development Policy: A meeting series sponsored by the European Think Tank Group and DEVCO

The ETTG will, in cooperation with DEVCO, be hosting a series of workshops on emerging trends and challenges that will shape the future of development cooperation. With the series we hope to spur an active debate and reflection on how the development community may respond to such emerging challenges.

The ETTG is a group of five leading European Think Tanks working on international development. The group works together in order to pool expertise, deepen analysis, improve communication, and maximise engagement with policy actors in Member States and EU institutions.

This event will be second in this meetings series focusing on the migration-development nexus. The event will explore the debate on the migration-development nexus in light of a future agreement between the EU and ACP, and a proposed continental Africa-EU partnership in particular.


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Stefano Signore

Head of Unit, DEVCO B3 - Migration, Employment




Giulia Maci

ETTG Head of Programme




Bernardo Venturi

Researcher, IAI and ETTG


Nicolás Berlanga-Martinez

Advisor on migration, Africa Department, European External Action Service


Nathalie Corrie-Kordas

Socio-Economic Officer, ACP Group of States


Philip Bob Jusu

Migration Officer, Social Affairs Department