A new VET Toolbox promotes demand driven and inclusive vocational education and training

A new VET Toolbox promotes demand driven and inclusive vocational education and training


VET ToolboxThe European Union has launched the VET Toolbox aimed at strengthening Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems in developing countries. The VET Toolbox supports labour market analysis and offers practical advice on strengthening the links between VET and the private sector, making VET more effective and relevant, including for those most in need.

The best way to achieve sustainable development is through access to decent work. This is why the EU works to promote employment that is secure, pays a fair wage, provides social protection, and respects labour rights and standards, all elements needed for decent work.

The reality in many developing countries is that the majority of workers have jobs that are vulnerable, trapping them and their families in poverty. In order for workers and job seekers to take advantage of quality job opportunities and decent work, they need to be able to access relevant training and acquire skills that are demanded by the labour market.

The EU works to strengthen Vocational and Educational Training (VET) systems in many partner countries where the system is often not well aligned to employers' needs. People trained through those VET systems do not acquire the required skills and competences due to inadequate private sector engagement and missing linkages to the world of work.

Also, many VET systems are inaccessible to the most in need, such as women and vulnerable groups, while these are the people that could particularly benefit from an education and training that increases their employability.

Addressing these challenges requires clear analysis and priorities, which many countries do not have or are not capable of mobilising. As a response, the European Union has set up the VET Toolbox, a facility that makes available much needed expertise and practical advice to partner countries, on themes such as VET policy and reform, labour market intelligence, private sector engagement and support to ensure the inclusiveness of disadvantaged groups.


The  VET Toolbox works with partner countries to strengthen their capacity to implement VET and labour market reforms, enhancing labour market relevance and employability for all by:


  • Applying evidence–based VET and labour market programming;
  • Operationalizing private sector involvement in VET and labour market activities, and;
  • Enhancing the inclusion of vulnerable groups in VET and formal and informal labour market activities.



Find out more about the VET Toolbox by visiting the website and read the VET Toolbox Factsheet.

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