Mobilising private-sector investment to mitigate climate change in Africa

Mobilising private-sector investment to mitigate climate change in Africa

In Frontiers in Development Policy : A meetings series sponsored by the European Think-Tanks Group and DEVCO

Under the Paris agreement, countries committed to delivering certain mitigation and adaptation actions, however few developing countries set out detailed plans for financing these actions, with many highlighting that the shortfall between planned actions and public finance available (domestic and from international sources such as the GCF) would be provided by ‘the private sector’. Bridging this finance gap through private investment, though, is proving challenging for many countries as a result of capacity, regulatory information, and other barriers to investment.

In order to overcome these barriers, a huge amount of analysis and capacity building work is required at a country level, supplemented by sharing of best practice across contexts. The session will provide brief examples of some of the challenges faced by developing countries in trying to mobilise private investment in the field of climate change and sustainable energy, and how these can be overcome, as well as highlight where further work needs to be undertaken.

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Felice Zaccheo, Head of Unit, DEVCO C6 - Sustainable Energy, Climate Change


Leo Roberts, Operations and Partnerships Manager, ODI, ETTG

Jessica Stephens, COO, AMDA


Giulia Maci, Programme Lead ETTG