Launch of DEVCO Academy e-learning portal

Launch of DEVCO Academy e-learning portal


DEVCO has launched an online learning platform open to the entire international development community.

For some years now, DEVCO has provided access to its online learning content. This has been part of an ongoing process of mutually opening learning opportunities with Member States and partners such as international organisations, civil society, partner countries, etc.


The content (e-learning courses, learning material and increasingly videos and webinars):

  • provides the various implementing partners with access to the required know-how 
  • adds value to the learning content initially produced for staff through sharing with others 
  • harmonises development cooperation actions through broad dissemination of DEVCO's approaches 
  • increases visibility of DEVCO's actions and ways of operating

Who is it for?

The Academy, based on a state of the art learning management system, provides additional features such as the possibilities to run live online courses, allowing staff in EU Delegations to participate, links to existing communities of practice on the Capacity4dev platform, as well as a user friendly and professional design. Most importantly, the Academy is open to the wider international development community in order to promote policy coherence and learning.

How to use it?

The learning offer on DEVCO Academy is organised under different topics, which makes it easy to search for courses and other material in the relevant themes. The resources come in different methods, including e-learning courses, webinars, video and documents. All content in the Academy is free to use. You simply have to enrol on a course and follow it to the full, and you will get certified. You are free to follow as many learning resources as you like, but in order to get certified for a course, you will need a 100% completion rate.