International Migration Drivers

International Migration Drivers

Why do people migrate? Through an extensive analysis of international data, the event shines new light on this question by showing which factors are the most important drivers of migration flows around the world. Doing so contributes to preparing effectively for a future in which international migration will continue to be a significant issue for European and global policymaking, and to putting international initiatives like the upcoming Global Compact for Migration into practice.

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Stefano Signore, Head of Unit, DEVCO B3 – Migration, Employment


Fabrizio Natale, Project Manager at KCMD (JRC)

Silvia Migali, Project Officer at KCMD (JRC)


Alessandra Zampieri, Head of Demography, Migration & Governance Unit, JRC – in charge of daily activities of the European Commission's Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD)