Infopoint Lunchtime Conference: The World Humanitarian Summit

Infopoint Lunchtime Conference: The World Humanitarian Summit

The humanitarian system is currently under great strain and is poorly adapted to meeting many of the needs which now confront it. Unfortunately, in the traditional design and implementation of humanitarian assistance, child-centred activities have rarely been prioritised and children are often unseen, unheard and unaccounted for in emergencies. As a consequence, child protection and education, frequently identified by children, their parents and caregivers as top priorities in humanitarian crises, continue to be overlooked and underfunded. The conference seeks to stimulate a debate on the issue of child protection and humanitarian financing supporting it, in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit and to ensure that the needs and perspectives of children and youth inform the positions of the EU and its Member States.


We would like to inform you that this Lunchtime Conference is webstreamed.


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Maxence Daublain

Policy Officer - Child rights, gender, discrimination, DEVCO B1, Human Rights, Gender, Democratic Governance



Gosia Pearson

Policy Officer , DG ECHO A1, Strategy, Co-ordination and Inter-Institutional Relations


Alexandra Matei

Policy Officer , World Vision Brussels & EU Representation


Marie France Bourgeois

Senior Advisor, UNICEF EU Office