Getting To Zero

Getting To Zero

Dr. Sinead Walsh worked in Sierra Leone before, during and after the Ebola crisis and recently co-authored the book Getting to Zero, on the work and reflections on humanitarian aid in the country during the crisis. This interactive lunchtime conference with contributions from DG ECHO and DG SANTE is most interesting given the recent declaration by WHO about a new Ebola virus disease in Eastern DRC bordering Uganda and Rwanda. Dr. Walsh will describe the often shocking shortcomings of the humanitarian response to the outbreak, both locally and internationally, and will draw our attention to the immense courage of those aid workers who put their lives on the line every day to contain the disease.

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Anthony Val FLYNN

DG DEVCO Directorate R- Resources




Sinead WALSH

Former Irish Ambassador and Head of Irish Aid in Sierra Leone and from September 2018 Head of Delegation of the Delegation of the European Union to South Sudan



Team Leader, DG ECHO- Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific



Policy Officer, DG SANTE C3- Crisis management and preparedness in health