Faces2Hearts - Travel far, get closer

Faces2Hearts - Travel far, get closer





Faces2Hearts is a worldwide blogging experience that will take 4 young people on a 5-month journey across 3 continents. They will discover projects that change peoples’ lives for the better, supported by the EU. And they will reveal the often unreported stories of the fascinating people they meet – stories of positive change and hope.

Faces2Hearts is a journey to the hearts of people. It is about the people that our 4 bloggers encounter along their journey, the environments and communities they discover. The bloggers will go beyond faces or stereotypes to reveal compelling stories to the world, stories of positive change, often unreported, stories inspired by projects funded by the European Union: the largest development donor in the world.

Our 4 winners have started their 5 month trip.


Find out who they are and where they are going: #Faces2Hearts www.faces2hearts.eu



Dominican Republic - Listín Diario

Senegal - Le Soleil

Spain - El País

France - Le Petit Journal

Senegal - Au Sénégal-Le 221