Climate-Resilient Sustainable Food Systems

Climate-Resilient Sustainable Food Systems

Climate resilience along the entire food system is important to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, without adversely affecting food and nutrition security.  Research and policy on resilience has often been too narrowly focused; on long-term changes rather than extreme events; on production rather than the full food system; and on technical responses more than economic policy. A very different approach is urgently needed. This InfoPoint will introduce ideas on a New Knowledge Platform for Climate-Resilient Food Systems and present selected results from more integrated analyses using the example of economy-wide impacts of ENSO events in the Philippines, among others.  

Due to technical reasons, the conference will not be held in the InfoPoint but in DEVCO building, rue Joseph II n. 54, room J54 00/011A.

Please bring with you your ID card.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Bernard REY, Deputy Head of Unit, DEVCO C1 - Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition




Mark W. Rosegrant, IFPRI’s Director for the Environment and Production Technology Division