Child Labour and Hazardous Work

Child Labour and Hazardous Work

Today 73 million children are in hazardous work undermining their health, safety and moral development.

Dangerous and prevalent risk sectors include agriculture and mining where products manufactured or extracted by engaging child labour are exported to developed countries. This year, the ILO marks the World Day Against Child Labour to highlight the importance to improve the safety and health of young workers and end child labour for a Generation Safe & Healthy.

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Henriette Geiger, Director  DEVCO B - People and Peace



Maria Rosa De Paolis , Policy Officer Employment & Social Inclusion, DEVCO B3 - Migration, Employment

Sergio Piazzardi, Policy Officer Private Sector and Trade, Responsible for the Extractive Sector DEVCO C4 - Private Sector, Trade

Lena Sund, Senior Policy Officer, TRADE D1- Trade and Sustainable Development, Generalised System of Preferences