A better climate for cities

A better climate for cities

The importance of climate action in cities is well acknowledged but more research, innovation and collaborative action is required for sustainable, low-carbon, resilient cities. This infopoint session will have one presentation on the outcomes of the CitiesIPCC Cities and Climate Change conference including: the current state of academic and practice-based knowledge related to cities and climate change, identify key knowledge priorities, and chart a course forward for academic, practitioner and urban policy-making communities. This will be followed by a presentation from C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group on some of their key initiatives.

In the coming decades, global population growth is expected to predominantly take place in urban areas. It is therefore essential to support cities in implementing the urban aspects of the SDGs and to underline the importance of integrated, sustainable urban development in our development cooperation.


DEVCO C5 launched in October  2017 with Cities Alliance, joint InfoPoint Series focusing on Cities. This series features six sessions to provide practitioners and policy makers with concepts and practises to analyse, design, and strategically programme how to approach the urban dynamics we are confronted with.


The series was launched by a general session on Urbanisation with a focus on Africa

Session 1: Urbanisation with a focus on Africa, 27 October 2017


The next session is

Session 2: A better climate for cities, partnerships for cities and climate change.


The other sessions planned are the following:

Session 3: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Session 4: Equitable Economic Growth

Session 5: Cities and Migration

Session 6:  The Changing Aid Architecture

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Lars Gronvald

Team Leader Urban development, Cities, DEVCO C5 - Cities, Local Authorities, Digitalisation, Infrastructures




Ekaterina Perfilieva

Cities Alliance



Julie Greenwalt

Urban Environment Specialist, Cities Alliance


Andrea Fernandez

Director of Governance and Global Partnerships, C40