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  1. Evaluation of the implementation of the African Peace Facility as an instrument supporting African efforts to manage conflicts on the continent - 14/03/2018

    APF support has not only enabled the deployment of PSOs such as AMISOM in Somalia or AFISMA in Mali, but has also supported the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC), contributed to the validation of the African Standby Force, and provided quick support to mediation, confidence-building and conflict prevention. 
  2. Organisation Chart - 01/03/2018

    Organisation Chart | Directorate General International Cooperation and Development - DEVCO
  3. EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa- Factsheet - 26/02/2018

    The EU Emergency Trust Fund was established at the Valletta Summit on 12 November 2015 to address themigration crises in the region of Sahel/Lake Chad, Horn of Africa and North Africa encompassing a total of 23countries.