Stefan Maier

Stefan Maier

Old man

1. Down the street there is sitting a poor man
long grey hair and a dog on his site; an old hat in front of his dirty shoes.

He try to get some live saving coins only to stay alive this night
but in his eyes I see he cries.



Hear me, I need some helping hands
See me, don´t despise me with ignorance
Try to understand try to get him on the right way
Hear me, heal me.

2. Every human being has it´s story it´s own issue of tragedy
sometimes you can´t turn back time.

I know he sit here tomorrow, nothing changed nobody realized
that someday every story has it´s end

3. On a monday morning I go to work and at the place were he sits
    I only see his hat and his dog alone…

Man soltte nicht immer weg schauen. Es passiert so viel auf dieser Welt, was wir leider nicht beeinflussen können, dann muss nicht auch noch bei den "alltäglichen" Dingen passieren.


Stefan Maier

Stefan Maier


City: 81543 München
Country: Deutschland

Signed up on: 15/09/2010

Stefan Maier supports

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality

1 000 children around the world under the age of five die every hour. Goal 4 aims to reduce the mortality rate by two-thirds among young children.



And the winners are Toni und Mareike & Cichy and Mariusz Florczyk

Of the 200 submissions, the winners of the 2010 Music against poverty contest are Toni und Mareike (Prize of the jury) & Cichy and Mariusz Florczyk (Prize of the internet voters).

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