For all of us

Show us the way truly brother cause everyone awaits
New prophets are arising, redeemers are all awake


Famine is a prime attraction: see some poverty today
The world’s demise brings suffering on, we have learnt just how to fail

The world is for all of us (have more)
Is it reckoning day? (see more) just let it all turn to dust
I find not noone anymore to trust

Time has come for a change in your life, time to stop the lie
Helping others is helping yourself at least it’s worth a try

Sziasztok, mi vagyunk a Diemond

Elég a tétlenségből és a meddő szavakból!
Cselekedni kell és magunkon változtatni ahhoz, hogy ne süllyedjünk lejjebb, megállítsuk a pusztítást és a világunk újra egészséges és igazságos legyen.
Hiszen a világ mindünké.

Hi there you all,

We are DIEMOND and we feel that it is time to say no to passivity!
Enough of barren talk, it's time to act and change the way we globally think.
Stop the fall, stop acting like you care while doing nothing in real.
Let's act together and turn the world towards a better direction, make it a healthy and righteous world for all.
You know you have to.
Because the world is for all of us.






City: Kunszentmiklós
Country: Magyarország

Signed up on: 15/09/2010

Diemond supports

Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

The world has the financial resources to end poverty. But to succeed, poor and rich countries must agree on better aid, fairer global trade and debt relief.



And the winners are Toni und Mareike & Cichy and Mariusz Florczyk

Of the 200 submissions, the winners of the 2010 Music against poverty contest are Toni und Mareike (Prize of the jury) & Cichy and Mariusz Florczyk (Prize of the internet voters).

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