The Director-General and his team

The Director-General and his team

International Cooperation and Development - DG DEVCO Director-General
Stefano Manservisi is the Director-General of DG DEVCO since May 2016.
International Cooperation and Development - the management team
The Director-General is supported directly by:

Assistants to the Director-General

  • Daniel Giorev
  • Diana Montero Melis

Unit for General Coordination and inter-institutional relations

  • Philippe Latriche

Unit for Communication and Transparency

  • Hannah Cole

Task Force Post-Cotonou

  • Koen Doens

Budget Support Steering Committee

  • Erica Gerrertsen

Directorate for International Cooperation and Development Policy

  • Gustavo Martin Prada

The Director-General is seconded by two Deputy Director-Generals, who each lead specific units, taskforces and Directorates.

Deputy Director-General Marjeta Jaeger (acting)

Overseas Countries and Territories

  • Denis Salord

Directorate for Development Coordination - East and Southern Africa

  • Koen Doens

Directorate for Development Coordination - West and Central Africa

  • Carla Montesi

Directorate for Development Coordination - Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and Pacific

  • Pierre Amilhat

Directorate for Development Coordination - Latin America and Caribbean

  • Jolita Butkeviciene
Deputy Director-General Marjeta Jager
  • Malgorzata Peksa-Blanchard, Assistant to the Deputy Director-General

Directorate for People and Peace

  • Jean-Louis Ville

Directorate for Planet and Prosperity

  • Roberto Ridolfi

Directorate Resources

  • Luc Bagur

Principal Advisor, Head of Task Force Knowledge, Performance and Results

  • Anders Henriksson