Due to its economic performance, Brazil is considered as a "graduated" country and therefore it is not eligible for bilateral cooperation under the EU financial exercise 2014-2020. However, Brazil will remain eligible to participate in regional and thematic programmes. This provides an excellent opportunity to re-define together new forms of EU-Brazil cooperation.

EU Cooperation 2007-2013

The EU allocated €61 million to Brazil for the period 2007-13 under the EU's Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI). The funding priorities during this period were enhancing bilateral relations and promoting the environmental dimension of sustainable development. In the framework of EU cooperation in the environmental sector, the EU has contributed to the implementation of the Forest Code as well as to the implementation of the Brazilian forestry policy.

The EU will continue to support Brazil through thematic programmes on sectors like social development and cohesion, human rights promotion, environment conservation and sustainable development. Brazil has made great use of thematic budget lines. Most of the thematic projects were or are being implemented by partnerships that include European and local NGOs, with the involvement of high-quality organisations and local authorities. Since 2004 the EU has been managing a portfolio of 204 thematic line projects (total amount of €99,6 million). Since 2007, the funds channelled through thematic budget lines have doubled from €4.1 million to €8.4 million per year. There are currently 96 projects ongoing.




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