Due to its economic performance, Argentina is considered as a "graduated" country and therefore it is not eligible for bilateral cooperation under the EU financial exercise 2014-2020; however, Argentina will remain eligible to participate in regional and thematic programmes. This provides an excellent opportunity to re-define together new forms of EU-Argentina cooperation.

EU Cooperation 2007-2013

The EU allocated €65 million to Argentina for the period 2007-13 under the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI).

The funding priorities during this period were education to increase social inclusion and vocational training capacity, economic competitiveness for small businesses and strengthening EU-Argentina relations.

Among the sectors targeted, significant progress has been achieved in the sector of professional training. Following the result of the project “Educacion y formacion al trabajo para jovenes” I and II, the complementarity between education and professional training was significantly improved in Argentina. Also, a specific curriculum combining both was adopted at national level.

The EU also supports activities in the fields of human rights, non-state actors and local authorities, and co-finances projects with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), for an indicative amount of €5,6 million. The EU is especially active in the field of access to justice and governance. Under this framework, the programme 'Domestic prosecution and torture prevention in Argentina' contributes to Argentina's compliance with the International Convention Against Torture.



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