Support to enabling competitive business in Trinidad and Tobago

Support to enabling competitive business in Trinidad and Tobago

The Enabling Competitive Business Programme provided a significant amount of support to the Government to improve the business environment as well as to support a number of small and medium enterprises, particularly those that could not access funding though established financial institutions. This was one of the key areas that the ECB programme sought to address.

Wayne Punette, Director of Investment - Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications


Trinidad and Tobago needed assistance to transition to a more sustainable and competitive economy - one that was less dependent on non-renewable energy resources and the energy sector. There was a need to stimulate growth through diversification and for government agencies to be able to better support entrepreneurs and investors and facilitate trade. This was to be achieved through policy development, capacity building and rationalisation of state institutions, improving the ease of doing business and the provision of government grants to promising businesses with export potential.


  • To improve the overall business and economic climate of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • To encourage and promote competitiveness and innovation.
  • To introduce effective institutional and governance frameworks into the public sector.
  • To support diversification of the economy and development of the non-energy sectors.
  • To foster entrepreneurship and small business development.


  • Trinidad and Tobago's Ease of Doing Business indicators improved.
  • Policies for encouraging trade and growing and developing micro and small enterprises were created and adopted.
  • Project management was introduced and monitoring and evaluation units established in state agencies.
  • Promising projects (with export potential) in the creative/culture and food processing industries, such as the Tobago Good Foods project, were funded.
  • Development of the TTBIZLINK single electronic window helped to streamline business activity and reduce the time for completion of transactions.
  • Expansion of business incubators across the country ensured that new entrepreneurs were given the assistance they needed to set up and sustain their businesses.
  • Development of 'FairShare' SME registry expanded the capacity of these small businesses to deliver goods and services and to have equal access to Government contracts.


  • Trinidad and Tobago's Ease of Doing Business ranking improved from 91 in 2011 to 79 in 2015.
  • More than 1200 micro and small enterprises were registered in the FairShare Programme's registry by 2014.
  • Five business incubator facilities were established across the country under the National Integrated Business Incubator System (IBIS).


Mia Persad Douglas - CEO, Footprints Eco Resort

"The grant we received through the Tobago Good Foods project was used to assist our resort in two ways:  First, by providing the start-up equipment for our honey bee hives and second assistance with the rehabilitation of our fruit trees.  Bees, as you are aware, are under threat globally.

"They are very important insects for agriculture and for our environment overall, but they have been under threat, particularly because we do so much spraying for pests here in Trinidad and Tobago.  We started our hives in January 2015 and now we are up to six hives (as of November 2015) and had 3 reapings of honey.  The rehabilitation of our fruit trees has really been a great benefit, since we grow all our own fruits and herbs, which we use to make juices, sauces and salad dressings."