Programme to strengthen HASATIL Network and Civil Society Organisations in the Rural Development field

Programme to strengthen HASATIL Network and Civil Society Organisations in the Rural Development field

The project aims to enhancing the capacity of Rural Development to contribute to poverty reduction and peace building actions.

The project had impact through HASATIL’s (Sustainable Agriculture CSO Network) revitalisation, its members’ activities in their own districts and the conduction of advocacy initiatives. HASATIL is now recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as a reference for the secto, with a permanent seat on the KONSSANTIL’s (National Council for Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security)

Gil Horácio Boavida, HASATIL’s Executive Secretary


Results from fragile and ineffective institutional communication channels between Government and Civil Society Organisations as well as a fragile implementation of local (suco) and regional (district) development plans were the cause of: - delays in an effective decentralization process; - and lack of institutional representation of Civil Society Organizations, particularly those tackling with Rural Development issues, as HASATIL and its members.


  • The main objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction and peace building in the rural areas of Timor-Leste and to achieve an improved and meaningful collaboration between Non-State Actors and State Actors in the area of Rural Development in Timor-Leste.


  • The increasing active involvement of HASATIL in the discussion of national policies and strategies (Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security).
  • HASATIL and 12 antenas awarded a Small Grant Fund Scheme for small projects - already ongoing.
  • 1 Study on HASATIL and its members’ external and internal institutional dimensions elaborated, published and distributed in Portuguese and Tetum.
  • 1 National exchange programme between antennas promoted
  • 2 International exchange programmes held (Indonesia, with 17 participants, and Brazil, with 16 participants).
  • HASATIL’s and its members’ headquarters fully rehabilitated and equipped.


  • National coverage (13 districts)
  • HASATIL (as umbrella organisation) and 12 Civil Society Organisations tackling Rural Development (HASATIL’s members) eagerly committed


The HASATIL network is now stronger

"The network (HASATIL) is now stronger, namely with the respective representation in the 13 districts – through the designation of antennas –, and with enough capacity to influence the government and defend the farmers’ best interests for an effective sustainable agriculture in the country." Bonifácio Ramalho, Suhu Rama, Ainaro District