New territories of peace

New territories of peace

The cacaoculture becomes visible in the market, through the exquisiteness of its product.

Victor Combita


Almost no one in Colombia associates the department of Guaviare with cacao production. Guaviare is traditionally more known for its violence, the production and trafficking of cacao than for chocolate. The project accompanies the organization of cacao farmers "Asoprocacao" and producers to improve their production processes. Thanks to the project, a prototype of artisan chocolate, subjected to rigorous tests has been elaborated, and small productions in which the farmers decide to start transforming their own production have been are profiled and supported.


  • Promote peace-building initiatives aimed at reducing economic inequality and mitigating the effects of politico-social violence, for the promotion of territorial development based on principles of democratic participation and governance.
  • To make the small producer visible, boosting the cacao production chain, in accordance with the Guaviare Regional Competitiveness Plan.
  • Improve agricultural practices, infrastructure, production processes (harvest and post-harvest), promoting community work.
  • To advance in the agro industrialization of the fine cacao bean and aroma, under the concept of microlotes that carry intrinsic identity.


  • Feasibility study that characterizes a total of 300 cacao farmers and identifies the current production potential of fine cacao and aroma.
  • The productive competence, quality management and good farming and manufacturing practices of a total of 30 cacao farmers have been strengthened.
  • Marketing of 1,200 fine chocolate tablets, in the first stage of the project;
  • Analysis of total production costs for customized production batches.


  • Marketing of 1,200 fine chocolate tablets
  • Feasibility study on 300 cacao farmers
  • 30 cacao farmers productive competences strengthened


The Obroma Guaviare

Víctor Combita, owner of a farm located in Vereda Barrancón in San José del Guaviare, selects the best cacao materials, ferments grains and dries them in the sun, where chocolate flavor is formed. Then in a small plant finely grinds the cacao and packs it; It is important for those who consume the product to know that he, Victor, is the main responsible for the taste and is the one who puts his signature on the final product, appears in the packaging and then leaves behind that of marketing generic products, to market a microlote of extrafine chocolate, a jewel of Amazonian gastronomy with identity, which, besides its exquisiteness, makes a life history visible.