Msiro Waste Management Facility - an opportunity for small-scale waste management businesses

Msiro Waste Management Facility - an opportunity for small-scale waste management businesses

EU interventions on water, sanitation, hygiene & waste management add up to almost €45M since 2006 making the EU a key donor in the sector for Malawi

This facility is promoting modern waste management through 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). More entrepreneurs will take advantage of this facility to maximize their entrepreneurship options in waste. In addition, the facility has enabled the city council to stop dumping waste in uncontrolled landfill where the children some residents were scavenging. I am glad that we now have positive results.

Daniel Muchewa, Country Director-PLAN Malawi


Before the inception of the project a good portion of households especially in the low income areas, primary schools and market vendors lacked access to improved sustainable sanitation infrastructure and good improved hygiene practices. This resulted into high prevalence of hygiene related diseases and huge burdens of health care costs. It affected operations of business in market centers and enrollment in schools. Residents were not productive and dropout rate for learners, especially girls were very high.


  • To increase sanitation coverage through basic sanitation infrastructure and hygiene promotion.
  • To improve the living conditions of people in 6 low income and peri-urban areas in Mzuzu City and improve the delivery of sanitation and hygiene services.


  • Improved access to sustainable sanitation infrastructure services, good hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Developed and strengthened capacity of micro-entrepreneurs and local authorities to respectively deliver and mange improved sanitation series in low income areas in Mzuzu City.
  • Improved sustainable waste management, using 3 Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle).


  • A €300 000 innovative Waste Management Facility built and handed-over to local authorities
  • The facility is serving approx. 200 000 citizens in Mzuzu and its surrounding areas



The waste management facility has created business opportunities

"We are a group of young people dedicated to the development of young people around Mzuzu City and beyond. We organised ourselves and ventured into the business of collecting refuse from households who in turn pay for our service. However we had no proper place for dumping the refuse that we used to collect from the locations. The coming in of the Msiro Waste Management Facility has eased our work as we now have a proper dumping site.

"This has also helped us to increase the number of households that we can reach, at the same time also increasing our base of income."   Mzuzu Young Voices