Enough is Enough, Stop Gender Based Violence

Enough is Enough, Stop Gender Based Violence

I want all abused women the world over to understand that they have to speak out to be helped. In life we can go on even though there are obstacles. When a problem arises, it's not the end of the world; there are solutions around us...seek help from organisations such as Kagisano Society, seek counselling, report to the police and don't lose hope.

Boitumelo Joyce Ramphaleng


The project aims to inform and raise awareness on gender equality in order to reduce incidences of Gender Based Violence (GBV). Botswana subscribes to other human rights instruments which address gender based violence and other gender issues, which include The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, and halving gender based violence by 2015. It is on these grounds that the Kagisano Society Women's Shelter (KSWS) seeks to educate and sensitise the community on gender based violence issues.


  • Reduce incidences of gender based violence in Botswana by engaging communities.
  • Increase community responsiveness on gender based violence and related issues.
  • Strengthen community capacity in dealing with issues of gender based violence.


  • Increased community awareness on GBV and related issues.
  • Enhanced community participation in addressing GBV.


  • 26 television episodes based on real life experiences 'Stories of courage' on Botswana Television
  • Each episode followed by a call in radio programme on national radio


Pelokgale - enough is enough

'Pelokgale -Enough is Enough: Stop Gender Based Violence' - became a platform for discussion and debate among viewers. Almost 80% of the viewers indicated that they discussed the programme after viewing and focus group discussions among students revealed that the morning after an episode of Pelokgale, there would be lively discussions on college campuses about what happened and what the episode was about. Discussions were mostly with friends, colleagues and family.

Pelokgale also made people aware of the care and support services provided by the Kagisano Society Women's Shelter. There is evidence that phone-ins to the drop in Centre increased and peaked during the running of the drama series.

Kagisano Society Women's Shelter (KSWS) responds by offering psychosocial support and temporary shelter if women are in imminent danger. EU support enabled KSWS to reach out with powerful messages on GBV and inform on how to act on it. This includes trying to advocate for zero tolerance of violence and encourage victims to report perpetrators as well as encourage the community to provide the protection they deserve.