Covenant of Mayors Capacity Building Model for Ukraine and Georgia - Model Solution for Eastern Partnership and Central Asia

Covenant of Mayors Capacity Building Model for Ukraine and Georgia - Model Solution for Eastern Partnership and Central Asia

Towards energy efficient cities – for warm and comfortable future of Ukrainian and Georgian citizens

Ukrainian cities which participate in Covenant of Mayors initiative are given support towards reducing their energy consumption and expenditures. They can also make their territory known as a pioneer through sharing expertise developed in their own territory and benefit from the encouragement and example of others.

Agnieszka Schirru-Nowicka, CIM-expert and Project Manager, Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”


The Covenant of Mayors initiative unites over 5300 signatory cities across and outside Europe. These cities have voluntarily committed to reduce CO2 emissions at least by 20% by 2020 through energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. The interest of the cities in the Eastern Partnership/Central Asia regions to participate in this European movement has been gradually rising since the local authorities in this region have realized that without more rational energy use and less fossil fuels dependency they will not be able to ensure warm and comfortable future for their citizens.


  • To facilitate effective participation of municipalities in Ukraine and Georgia and in the long-term also in other Eastern Partnership/Central Asia countries in the Covenant of Mayors initiative through provision of supportive materials and institutionalized technical expertise
  • To increase capacity of the project cities in Ukraine (Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Novovolynsk, Alchevsk) and Georgia (Rustavi, Gori) to address their Covenant commitments through development and implementation of local sustainable energy policy


  • Effective municipal energy management system for public buildings established.
  • Completion of pilot energy efficiency/renewable energy measures in project cities.
  • Covenant Supporter in Georgia and Covenant Energy Agency in Ukraine established and institutionally strengthened.
  • Covenant obligations of project cities fulfilled through adaptation of city structures, development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) in conjunction with local communities.
  • Developed guidelines on how can cities in Eastern Partnership/Central Asia region become successful participants of the Covenant of Mayors, and four case studies describing experiences of most advanced cities (Lviv, Dolyna, Kamyanets-Podilskiy and Tbilisi).
  • Ukrainian non-profit energy agency established. It is a special communication platform between city’s officials and municipal staff, local NGO’s, businesses, citizens and financial institutions and donors in order to help cities solve their energy-related problems.


  • Total budget of the project within Covenant of Mayors – € 621 769
  • EC Contribution - € 496 968.00 (79,93%)
  • Project duration - 36 months (2012-2014)
  • 5 Project cities (435 000 citizens)



Thanks to the project, Novovolynsk school is now equipped with individual heat supply system. The heat supply system allows equally distributing heating in all the premises of the school, and saves up to 50% of energy.

"In these difficult times for our country, it is highly important to turn the passive consumers of services into effective participants of energy saving,” Oleg Harasevych, representative of the Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine", says.