Making schools warmer in Khmelnitsky region

Making schools warmer in Khmelnitsky region

Making schools warmer in Khmelnitsky region

Replacing school windows made its premises much warmer. Thanks to new windows, the school managed to substantially decrease gas consumption and save up to UAH 35 000 (about €3 500)

Roman Serba, the village school director and the head of the local civil organisation ‘Obriy’


Over 2 200 Ukrainian communities and 2.2 million citizens have benefited from the EU-UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Programme since 2007. With a budget of €30 million, it has rebuilt health centres, installed street lighting, provided school buses, replaced windows in schools and hospitals and ensured a supply of clean water. This has all been done with the support of organised local community groups, using social mobilisation tools to bring together local communities and local authorities for joint decision-making, cost sharing, implementation of community projects, etc.


  • The overall objective of CBA-II Programme is to promote sustainable socio-economic development at local level by strengthening participatory governance and encouraging community-based initiatives throughout Ukraine. Specific objectives of Manachyn micro-project consists in:
  • promoting community-based approach to local governance and sustainable development;
  • enhancing energy efficiency of the local school;
  • create more comfortable conditions for pupils studying at school;
  • encouraging citizens to implement their own local initiatives.


  • The micro-project has established partnership with oblast and local authorities and mobilized local community.
  • It facilitated bottom-up planning process and participatory decision-making at rayon and regional level.
  • It has also enhanced energy efficiency of the local school.


  • Project Budget – UAH 179 967 (about €16 000) (50% is provided by the CBA Programme; 45% by the local administration, and 5% by the local community)
  • Village budget saved UAH 35 000 (about €3 500) thanks to the project
  • Monthly gas consumption decreased from 13 000 cubic meters to just over 8 000 cubic meters


New windows keep the school warm

Built in 1932, the Manachyn village school badly needed new heating solutions. The new windows established due to EU/UNDP micro-project support, increased thermal isolation and warmed the school to an interior temperature of about 17°C in winter, much more comfortable than the 5-6°C the students were accustomed to.

Ihor Klepach, the coordinator of the project in Khmelnitsky region, confirms that the initiative has been highly cost-efficient. “New technologies helped us save half of the funds committed in the local budget during the first heating period,” he stressed, adding that in four or five years, the whole project value (UAH 180 000; €16 300) will be paid off in energy savings. Roman Serba, the village school director and the head of the local civil organisation ‘Obriy’, adds that the school earlier used 12 000-13 000 cubic meters of gas for heating per month, but thanks to the new windows, it decreased its consumption to between 8 000 and 9 000 cubic metres.