Civil Service Reform and Modernization of the Government of Kazakhstan

Civil Service Reform and Modernization of the Government of Kazakhstan

The project’s team provided excellent support to the Civil Service and Public Administration Reforms in our country. We are delighted with the scope, nature and quality of provided advice and recommendations that approximates Kazakh Civil Service Model to the international standards.

S. Akhmetzhanov, Executive Secretary of the Ministry for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The project started at a critical juncture, when Kazakh Agency for Civil Service Affairs embarked on implementation of the Concept of the new Model of Civil Service in Kazakhstan in 2012. In March 2015 the President of Kazakhstan announced an ambitious reform plan "5 institutional reforms and 100 concrete steps" with a view to bolster socio-economic development of the country. Further reform of the Civil Service and ensuring transparency and accountability is the cornerstone of the new reform plan.


  • To facilitate the creation of a professional state apparatus that is result-oriented and capable of implementing the long-term state development priorities.


  • The New model of Civil Service in Kazakhstan has been successfully implemented with the project’s support
  • Kazakhstan adopted new legislation in the field of Civil Service and Combating Corruption with close involvement of and contribution of project’s experts
  • The Kazakh Senior Civil Service (Corps A) has been designed and implemented in close collaboration with the project’s team
  • The project’s team prepared and communicated best European practices and recommendations to support implementation of the ambitious national reform programme "5 institutional reforms and 100 concrete"


  • Automated nation-wide HR management system E-Kyzmet has been introduced with assistance of the project.
  • Project helped design common competence framework for Senior Civil Service has been designed and introduced.
  • The Academy of Public Administration in close collaboration with project’s team adopted its Development Strategy until 2020.
  • Academic programmes of the Academy have been redesigned and modern training methods have been introduced by joint task forces.
  • More than 3 000 civil servants in Kazakhstan have been covered by joint training and information sessions, delivered by project’s experts.
  • Expertise and assistance provided by the Project helped the Academy to enhance its academic programmes, which made it possible to attract civil servants from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan.


Project’s implementation helped modernise Kazakh Civil Service

"Project’s implementation helped modernise Kazakh Civil Service and enhance its capability to deliver large-scale national programmes and projects based on the principles of efficiency and meritocracy" – B. Abdrassilov, Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

"…EU funded Project aimed at modernising the Civil Service System is very efficient and effective" - Mika Raatikainen, a Member of the Finnish Parliament   

"The Project Civil Service Reform and Modernisation of the Government of Kazakhstan helps our civil servants to upgrade their knowledge and skills and become more responsive to the citizens’ needs" - journalists of the National TV Channel Khabar

With the project’s support, 20 legal acts strategic documents pertaining to the Civil Service Reform have been adopted by Kazakhstan.

25 Study visits to EU countries for 171 participants have been designed and implemented.  

75 professors of the Academy and teaching staff of Regional Training Centers for Civil Servants have been trained  

3 000 Civil Servants from central and local public bodies were covered by Training and Information Dissemination Sessions, conducted by Project’s team

Woman constituted more than 50 % of Civil Servants engaged in Training and Information Dissemination Sessions.