Bringing justice closer to women suffering from Gender Based Violence

Bringing justice closer to women suffering from Gender Based Violence

Even though laws on preventing and combatting of violence against women exist, the laws alone cannot protect women’s rights or reduce gender based violence. Therefore, we need to work together to prevent violence and protect the interests of women. I believe that, together we can move faster to achieve this.

Madam Souphone Vorravong, Vice Chairman of Vientiane Capital Commission for the Advancement of Women, Mothers – Children.


The implementation of the international conventions and national laws to protect and combat violence against women and children remains a challenge. Domestic violence still considers as family matter and should not be discussed because of its impact on a family’s reputation. Women are still reluctant to report the incidents due to fear or shame and a weak judicial system. A pervasive lack of capacity to address the problem cuts across government, civil society, law enforcement, judiciary, and village elders responsible for the customary. This leaves women vulnerable to GBV.


  • Reduction of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
  • Increased access to justice for vulnerable women through awareness raising and training.


  • 30 communities have increased level of awareness on GBV.
  • Legal Aid Clinic on GBV are functional and provide legal services to women.
  • 50 judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officials are aware of GBV and handle cases according to the law.
  • Civil society capacities are enhanced for service delivery and policy dialogue on GBV.


  • 42 vulnerable women received legal aid consultation and law assistance.
  • 30 community volunteers benefitted from GBV consultation workshop.
  • 45 village authorities benefitted from training on CEDAW and Gender Equality.
  • 350 community members benefitted from GBV awareness raising and Mobile legal aid activity.


My life is better since I have received legal aid from Legal Aid Clinic

"I had suffered from violence 17 times since I married him 10 months ago; the last time was on 18 August 2017, he punched my face, kicked my legs which made me unable to walk for a week. I used to inform the head of the village and he called my parents in law to come to the village office, but they didn’t come, and said that they will talk to their son by themselves, but nothing happened, and my husband continues hitting me. I felt lonely and didn’t know where to go and what to do, I felt scared of him at all times. One week later, I decided to report to the Village Mediation Committee, where they recorded my issue and suggested me to come to Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) at Nongsonghong village. Now, I feel very lucky that my case has been taken. I moved to stay with my parents at Nongsonghong village, and my life is better since I have received legal aid from LAC. I am now waiting for court to approve my divorce”.


A victim of GBV from Nasala village, who received legal aid from EU funded Legal Aid Clinic, her case is being process to the zone II court at Saythany district, Vientiane capital.